The Sandberg Instituut

The Sandberg Instituut is the post-graduate school of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and offers master degrees in Fine Arts, Interior Architecture, Applied Arts, and Design. Since 2010, director Jurgen Bey has sought to align the Instituut with the dynamics of contemporary society by introducing a series of once-off, two-year temporary master programs. These 'temporary' programs challenge and influence the main departments in different ways, raising questions about pedagogy and the role of artistic research in addressing urgent societal issues.

Since its inception in 2011 there have been sixteen temporary programs:
Approaching Language (starts in 2019)
Resolution (starts in 2019)
Challenging Jewellery (current)
The Commoners' Society (current)
Shadow Channel (current)
Radical Cut-Up (current)
Reinventing Daily Life (2016-18)
Master of Voice (2016-18)
Fashion Matters (2015-17)
Materialisation in Art and Design (2015-17)
Designing Democracy (2014-16)
Cure Master (2014-16)
System D Academy (2014-16)
School of Missing Studies (2013-15)
Material Utopias (2013-15)
Vacant NL (2011-13)

The Sandberg Series | Books

The Sandberg Series publishes the research of each temporary program in book form at the end of their respective two year cycle. The book is both an outcome of the two years of reserach and a continuation of the topic beyond its positioning at the institute. The book series is co-published by Sternberg Press, and is widely distributed within a contemporary art context. Each new book develops on the language of the series, delving into the research topics and outcomes of the temporary programmes, and making these available to a broader public.

The Sandberg Series | Journal

Launched in 2019, the Sandberg Series Journal is an online quarterly publication developed in conjunction with the Sandberg Series book projects. Each issue of the Journal follows the current of the Temporary Programmes (both past and present), providing a platform to publish research and work in progress on topics related to urgent societal issues. As a combination of commissioned writing, the work of current participants in the programmes, and the work of alumni, the Journal is a hybrid, inter-disciplinary space, publishing in a variety of formats (image, video, audio and text). The Journal feeds into the book projects and stands alone as a space for critical thought and reflection.

The Sandberg Series | Team

Director: Jurgen Bey
Editor: Oliver Barstow
Designer: Anja Groten | Juliette Lizotte
Developer | Designer: André Fincato