€15,00 Eternal Erasure – On Fashion Matters Pieter Van Bogaert, Martine Zoeteman, Christophe Coppens (Eds.)
€15,00 School of Missing Studies Bik Van der Pol (Ed.)
€15,00 Material Utopias Louise Schouwenberg (Ed.)


The Sandberg Institute is the Master’s Program of the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and offers master’s programs in Fine Arts, Interior Architecture, Applied Arts, and Design. Jurgen Bey, director since 2010, has sought to align the institute with the dynamics of contemporary society. He introduced a series of one-off, two-year 'temporary' programs at the Sandberg Institute, developed in relation to urgent global issues.

These temporary programs form an intense 'insertion' in the Sandberg Institute, challenging and influencing the regular programs in different ways. The ultimate aim of the temporary programs is to develop and push at the boundaries of art education, engaging with urgent issues both within and beyond the institution.

To create a record of the temporary programs and as a platform for critical reflection on this educational model, the Sandberg Institute initiated the Sandberg Series. Published in collaboration with Sternberg Press, the Sandberg Series takes shape as a serial publication in book form. Each book develops on the language of the series, delving into the insights and outcomes of the temporary programs and offering a space for engagement with a broader public.

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