The Temporary Program challenges the subject of jewellery on a fundamental level—how it relates to our present time. The approach represents an attempt to think big on a small scale, and presumes an ability to understand 'micro-working'. The input for Challenging Jewellery is based on intergenerational dialogue. An advisory board, comprising of four key figures in the realm on jewellery and design, ensures this will be done in a solid cooperation with the relevant fields. The visiting tutors and guests—varying from theoreticians and curator to contemporary architects, designers and artists—guarantee a continuous renewal of viewpoints on and insights into a discipline manifest in traditions, historical design and theoretical connotations.


BLESS | Desiree Heiss and Ines Kaag (Program Directors)
Sarah Mesritz (Coordinator)


Seline Durrer
Veronika Fabian
Silvia Faggiani
Gabriella Goldsmith
Ting Gong
Eva van Kempen
Morgane de Klerk
Sonia Matyassy
Laila El Mehelmy
Marek Mrowinksi
Margaret Munchheimer
Stephanie Schuitemaker
Marilyn Volkman
Joanne Vosloo