Materials and techniques—both traditional and modern—carry a wealth of characteristics. In addition to the understanding of their physical qualities and of the possibilities that these offer, their diverse cultural and historical references, when properly analysed and eventually mixed up, are of great potential to the artist or designer. Materialisation in Art and Design (MAD)(2015-17) challenges the conventional hierarchy between concept and making, content and process, by making the material expression of the work paramount. The MAD program educates both artists and designers, who thus are encouraged to learn from each other’s expertise and to investigate and cross the conventional borders of their disciplines. Working side by side strengthens the various positions the participants will take within the fields of art and/or design.


Herman Verkerk (Program Director)
Maurizio Montalti (Program Director)
Jens Pfeifer (Head Tutor)
Linda Dorenbosch (Co-ordinator)


Oliver Barstow
Carly Rose Bedford
Iris Box
Anne BĂĽscher
Dominique Festa
Mio Fujimaki
Caroline Jacob
Thom van Hoek
Julien Manaira
Johan Romme
Ellen VĂĄrtun