Interactive art forms, such as theatre, performing arts and music, have the ability to create exceptional connections between people. In a theatre, a concert hall, or the public space, a relationship between performer and spectator 'naturally' comes to life. Would it be possible to integrate more of this quality into our daily life? Can we infiltrate 'normal' living with an artistic experience? Can we do this on a daily basis? And will art be able to improve our lives structurally, without losing its intrinsic quality and value? The idea for Reinventing Daily Life (2016-18) started with the observation that the gap between common life and the performing and other arts has become bigger in the last few decades. This raises questions about the romantic idea of the artist as the autonomous and only striating point of the work, focusing on the aesthetic result and not on the capacity that is needed for creating connections with the community in which they live.


Thomas Spijkerman (Director)
Puck Mathot (Coordinator)


Laura Bolscher
Sean Cornelisse
Kees de Haan
Luuk Imhann
Sjors van Leeuwen
Daan Roukens
Céline Talens
Gijs Velsink
Carlijn Voorneveld
Nadja van der Weide


Thomas Spijkerman

Letter to Lara Staal

Lara Staal

Letter to Thomas Spijkerman