Using visual, digital, and performative tools the Temporary Program, The Commoner's Society (2018-20), proposes a new kind of metropolis that is focused on social interaction and equal opportunities over financial growth and profit. With these perspectives on our current society in mind, The Commoners' Society will look for new ways off iving, making, owning, sharing, managing and maintaining; or generally for models for what we call 'a new commoning'. The proposal we develop will be manifold, conceptual and hands on, and will always be tested 'on the ground.'


Lilet Breddels (Director)
Alicia Framis (Director)
Helena Lambrechts (Coordinator)


Gyalpo Batstra
David C. Kane
Anna Erdmann
Lucia Fernandez Santoro
Franziska Goralski
Kamila Kantek
Antonio López Espinosa
Amber Oskam
Willem Schenk
Simpson Tse
Kasper van Moll
Cindy Wegner


Jules van den Langenberg

Germfree Adolescents

Jeroen Boomgaard

The Discourse of Others