The Radical Cut-Up Temporary Program critically examines and joyfully celebrates the emergence and evolution of the cut-up as a contemporary mode of creativity and a dominant global model of cultural production in the early twenty-first century. Against the backdrop of the accelerated growth of new digital technologies that expand the production and circulation of images, text, sound, and objects in contemporary life, the interdisciplinary Temporary Master thereby draws on a broader definition of the term cut-up as a mixture or fusion of disparate elements, or the art of carefully crafted juxtaposition. Within the context of this course, the term is a container for a long list of names and actions, which describes the mixing and reconfiguration of existing materials to produce new outcomes.


Lukas Feireiss (Director)
Antoinette Voner Mühll (Coordinator)


Adam Bletchley
Lou Buche
Daan Couzijn
Rebecca Eskilsson
Zsofia Kollar
Wesley Makes
Juliana Maurer
Barnaby Monk
Alexander Murray
Fabian Reichle
Javier Rodrigues Fernandez
Fenna Schilling
Farida Sedoc
Anthony Smyrski
Agustina Woodgate