To channel the momentum of an emerging movement of makers who embrace new approaches to filmmaking, the Temporary Program, Shadow Channel (2017-19), was launched. Shadow Channel is a utopian platform commissioning, streaming, and distributing counter-narratives created by underrepresented voices, in response to platform capitalism, post-truth politics and the rise of neo-fascism. Students of Shadow Channel operate as a renegade production studio, running a deep stream narrating the real, playing short-and-long-form documentaries, music, videos, and live feeds in the shadows of the Internet. Responding in real time to real-world issues, revealing and reflecting on the dominance of film and design, and the dread, desire and dizziness of freedom controlling the human condition.


Juha van 't Zelfde (Director)
Polina Medvedeva (Coordinator)


Holly Childs
Marijn Degenaar
Juan Arturo García
Elisa Grasso
Andé Lourenço
Kani Marouf
Elif Ozbay
Anna Petrova
Mark Prendergast
Miša Skalskis
Emilia Tapprest
Valerie van Zuijlen
Gediminas Žygus


Juan Arturo García

Translatio imperii