The System D Academy (2014-16) Temporary Master program trains researchers-in-action with the goal of exploring informal and self-organising systems. System D comes from the French word débrouillardise, which means being self-reliant and resourceful. More than half of the world's population lives and operates in System D, but the system is also found in highly formalised societies, often surviving underground or off the radar. The flexibility, self-organisation and intuitive processes found in System D can complement the rational models and static ideologies of formalised thinking.


Cynthia Hathaway (Programme Director)
Melle Smets (Programme Director)
Nora Morton (Coordinator)


Janneke Absil
Karolien Buurman
Clément Carat
Theofanis Dalezios
Maarten Davidse
Dennis Muñoz Espadiña
Annette Kouwenhoven
Gitte Nygaard
Martina Raponi
Ming Sho Tang
Boo van der Vlist


Sophie Krier and Erik Wong

System D Recording Studio